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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October... The Rest

Again the best way I know how to summarize the random (but cute) happenings this month is to do a hodgepodge post!

We met up with Katie and little Jack for a cupcake date to celebrate his 2nd birthday since we missed his birthday party.  They picked out the cupcakes themselves... Look at those big smiles!

Henry got a yummy big soft cookie!

This cracks me up- how many parents does it take to get 3 year olds to pose for their soccer team picture?
Uncle Q came over for a Sunday afternoon to watch some football and play with the boys.
 Charlie caught a baby frog in the backyard!
During Henry's nap time, Charlie & I have been enjoying craft time.. this day he was making monster crafts and I was making baby hair bows!
 When unpacking another box, Charlie found a mini telescope of Daddy's!
I walked in the kitchen the other day to find Henry trying to refill his cup by himself... I love how he's trying new things on his own and is so proud of himself :)
One day when Daddy was gone on a business trip, Charlie wanted to write him a letter.  I was SO surprised when he wrote his name all by himself.  I was just about to start working on this with him and he did it on his own!
Last weekend Daddy with the help of some amazing friends went and got our clubhouse from our old house and put it together in our new backyard!  The boys have been playing in it non-stop since.  I took a video of Henry back in his swing that he loves so much.  LOVE this boy's laugh!
And then one of Charlie spinning him around.  I could watch these 2 interact all day long!
Henry found a comfy place to sit... I think he looks like my Dad right here!
35 week belly picture of Miss Molly!
Trey had to fill in as head coach during a soccer practice.  Look at those stretches!
 The big kids are always so sweet to Henry who wants to be a part of their team too!  I can't believe how big our 19 month old baby is!

We have been spending lots of mornings lately playing in the sandbox!

Our 1st cold weekend & the boys helped Daddy mow the lawn.

We went to Sebastian's 2nd birthday party at the zoo and somehow this is the only picture I got. Rhenee & I showing off our Molly & Zachary bumps. 35 & 32 weeks along :)
Later that day we went to celebrate little Sophia turn 8! Her bud Charlie right by her side.
And to sum up the end of October- my 36 week belly picture!
Can't believe November is next....BABY MONTH!!

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