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Monday, October 22, 2012

Cousins' Fourth Annual Zoo Boo!

It's that time of year again- time for the cousins to get together and go to our 4th Zoo Boo!  Sarah & the kids came for the weekend and we had a blast.. as usual!  Charlie and Alice totally love each other, and Henry is now getting old enough to play along, too.  Love getting our babies together!

The night before the bath we made Halloween cookies and let them have a big bubble bath in the big bathtub!
 Henry went to bed and the big kids got to enjoy cookies and a movie on the couch!
On Zoo Boo morning the kids got dressed in their costumes and we headed to the zoo!
Grammy has been spoiling us with homemade costumes every year & while she wanted to do the same this year I decided she needed the year off... she has been busy with sewing projects for Molly.  Henry is able to wear the monkey costume from 2 years ago and Charlie picked out a blue monster costume :)

The cousins! This was little Jude's 1st zoo boo!  Crazy to think we will have Molly here next year!


Off we go! 

For late October it was insanely hot and humid.  The boys lasted in their costumes about 10 minutes before they had to change!  

As usual the zoo had trick or treating and fun activities- including painting mini pumpkins.

 We had to stop and take a few pics with the giraffes.. my favorite!
Since it was so hot they had the misting fans scattered throughout.. they felt so good & are pretty fun to play in!
Henry loving being able to walk around too!
Sarah and I have realized that for the last 3 out of 4 zoo boo's one of us has been pregnant.  
Hi Molly! (34 weeks)
After a good day filled with a lot of fun, walking, and sweating we headed out.. stopping to see the BIG fish first though, of course.

We love this tradition.  It gives us a reason to make time to see each other in our busy lives.. and each year is more fun with the kids getting older and remembering it themselves.  Next year we will take 5.. and little Molly could possibly be walking!  Memory making at its finest!

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