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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Dirt & A Whole Lot of Cute

Ever since Trey built our beautiful patio we have been spending a lot of time out there.  Charlie wants to be outside all the time & loves to 'help' us.  The other day I was planting some pretty flowers in pots and he thought that was super cool. 

There's always something to read!
Stop with the pictures already, Mama!
No!  Never. 

 He loves to get dirty & I think little boys should be allowed to get dirty- clothes & all! 
So that's what he did. 
I'm gonna plant my own flowers.

One thing I love most about my little boy is his expressive personality.  If I shoot 2 minutes worth of pictures I could get a variety of expressions.  Here's just an example...

I love this happy face.  I think this one is my favorite.  

Now this one is pretty cute.  This has to be my favorite.

haha!  Wait.. this is just too funny.  This is my favorite.

Grrr.  Adorable.  Favorite.

But look at this face?  How can this one not be my favorite?

Alright.  New favorite. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

A visit from Bebe

Last weekend Trey's mom came to visit us for a nice, long weekend. It was great seeing her & I think Charlie loved the extra attention from his Bebe. She didn't go home until Tuesday evening so she stayed home with him Monday & Tuesday. They went swimming, went for walks, had snacks, and had a lot of book time.

Anyone who knows Charlie knows he LOVES books. He's obsessed with them. They are scattered all over our house & patio. It's so precious when he brings you a book with such an excited face & then tries to climb in your lap. Sunday afternoon Trey & Bebe took Charlie to Barnes & Nobles for the 1st time. It never occurred to me that he'd have so much fun there, but duh! That makes sense. I wasn't able to make it so Trey took a small video for me. You can hear his squeals of excitement as he weaves through the store. So sweet.

Bebe let Charlie pick out a book to take home, and would you believe that he picked the biggest DOG book that he could find? For the past week it has been his favorite book. The next video shows him reading it in his room. You can hear his cute little bark at the end. :)

Poor Charlie is teething his front teeth. My little vampire baby is closing in the gap. I'll definitely miss seeing his 'fangs' when he smiles, but these new front teeth are precious too. Bebe gave him his first popsicle to help him feel better! And just because that's what grandmothers do. :)

That's COLD!
Allllllllll down his belly.

I love this kid.

Bebe & Charlie reading time.  Precious moments. 

Thanks for coming Bebe!  We hope to see you again soon! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cam Dog

I was kind of feeling guilty for giving Kyla so much Blogtime.. so here's a post dedicated to our other pup- Cam!

The Camdog.
He just got his summertime haircut. Doesn't he look adorable?
Too bad he has social anxiety otherwise you'd want to pet this teddy bear.
I still love you Cam!
When you're not barking, anyway.


Memorial Day {A long post for a long weekend}

We had a very relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.  Heidi drove in from Elgin to visit us!  It was nice to see her as always.  For most of the weekend Trey worked to finish up our (his, mostly) patio project.  He worked hard at digging a trench through the back yard & down the side of the house for our new drain!  I'm sure he can explain this better... maybe he'll post his experiences soon.  :)  All I know is... we now have a fabulous patio and have spent every evening out there since!  So who wants to come over for a BBQ? 

Sunday he took a break & we went out to my parent's house for a swim.  It was HOT & the pool felt gooooood.  This was Charlie's 1st swim since last year, and he was a little nervous at 1st.

Okay, he wasn't amused at all. 

But he slowly warmed up to it! 

Here's Aunt Heidi trying to convince Charlie to wear his sunglasses.  He won't have it- no matter how cool we tell him he looks. 
I'm ready for my snack!

Later that night we went to visit Trey's Uncle Eric & Aunt Beth.  They're moving out to this fabulous ranch!  It was neat to see where they will be living and working.  Charlie enjoyed exploring out in the country. 
(I know there's a lot of these, but I just couldn't narrow them down!) 

He's trying to decide if he wants to venture into these pretty flower beds..

Why hello there, Cutie.  Come kiss Mommy. 

Not an angry kiss!  Who am I kidding?  I'll take it! 

Don't be scared....
SMOOCH!  I had to put down the camera so I could squeeze those cheeks. 

I know, He's adorable. Slobber & all.

Here he comes! 
The happiest boy alive...! 
Should I call Adidas?  I mean this makes ME wanna buy more Adidas stuff.  Just in time for the World Cup.

Monday while Trey was slaving away...again... Charlie & I ate tons of watermelon & hung out in Charlie & Kyla's pool. 
It's just not Memorial Day without watermelon....

...or swimming...

...or watermelon while swimming.

Best buds. 

I'm gonna splash you Charlie! 

Happy Boy. 

What a great weekend! 
Thank you to those who serve & served our country so we can have a great place to live and long weekends with our families. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pucker Up!

One of the things I'm trying to teach Charlie is to give kisses.  I want him to love his mommy & smother me with slobbery kisses every day.  Unfortunately, this little boy is too busy for that.  There's balls to kick, rocks to throw, dogs to chase, books to read...

But doesn't he look cute practicing his kissy face? 

Better not get too close though... his Aunt Emma taught him how to zerbert!