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Monday, April 30, 2012

April- The Rest

A few random things to summarize this month...

We sure love that Uncle Q lives in Houston.  He comes and spends a lot of his Sunday afternoons with us & the boys just love him!

Charlie fell asleep while eating trail mix m&m's that he sneaked out of the pantry!
The weather has been sunny & beautiful- enough for us to get out our swimming pool!  Henry proved to love  playing in the water- especially with his favorite ball he got for his birthday!

CUTE boys!
 We rarely eat out for dinner, but one night decided Jason's Deli sounded yummy.  No trip to Jason's Deli is complete without an ice cream cone! Henry's 1st, too!  I think he liked it.

Daddy can't escape my camera either! ;)
April always brings another successful MS150 for our Daddy & Poppy.  This was their 7th & 9th years to ride.. and I'm sure there will be many more to come!  Of course we headed to Austin to cheer them on at the finish line!

 Our great family friends The Stassis built a beautiful pool in their backyard!  With the warmer weather we headed over there one afternoon to check it out!  Charlie loves going over there to play with the big kids.. so much he got BACK in the pool after getting dressed!

Henry with Brytni & Aunt Becky
Charlie loves going to the YMCA to play while I work out.. they do fun activities with them and he was so proud of this crown he made!

And last.. the joys of potty training.  Figured after all the frustrations that comes along with it I could share this so we can laugh about it in the future.  Took this picture to send to Trey one day at work after Charlie came running to me very proudly.  The text is pretty self explanatory.


Sunday, April 22, 2012


We love bluebonnets.  Fields of beautiful blue wildflowers- just one of the many things that makes the great state of Texas so special. When Charlie was born in March of 2009 it was right in the middle of their annual blooming season!  I decided then that I wanted to make it a tradition to take pictures every year with our kids in the bluebonnets.
Charlie just 3 weeks old.  Hard to believe he was so tiny!
 He was 13 months in these pics.. The same age our Henry is now!
Reading his favorite book- Go, Dog, Go!

  Sadly we missed 2011 because they were blooming when our Henry was in the NICU.  It didn't seem right at the time to take pictures of just Charlie, so we skipped that year.

This was Henry's 1st year in the bluebonnets!

Handsome Charlie- quite a change since his last bluebonnet pictures!

Our Boys.

My heart is full!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed Easter Sunday with a family lunch and egg hunt at our house this year!  Charlie actually remembered Easter & hunting eggs with his Lightening McQueen basket from last year so was super excited!  We were hoping Henry could enjoy the egg hunt too but he was ready for his nap after our big lunch.

I procrastinated this year in buying the egg dying kits... when I went to buy they were completely sold out! :( We ended up using Kool-Aid instead... it worked okay.  Enough to satisfy our lil guy!

We all took turns being the Easter Bunny.. it brings back the kid in you!  Charlie loves hunting Easter eggs so much- pretty sure he could do it all day!

Poppy giving Charlie a lift

This year Charlie was introduced to Peeps!  You either love 'em or hate 'em it seems.

Charlie loves 'em! 

Uncle Q also introduced Charlie to confetti eggs!
At 1st he was a little upset from the mess.. but that didn't last long when he realized we had a whole bunch!  Charlie got us all... even Kyla!
What fun!  

After Henry woke up the boys discovered all the treats the Easter Bunny brought.  

 It was a great day spent with our family!