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Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Dada is 30!

Somehow it happened.. we are both now 30.  No longer in our 20's.  Yikes! 
Another year of life given to us always deserves a celebration- and our Dada is no exception.  We wanted him to have a special day!

We made (one of) his favorite breakfasts- Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Always a huge hit around here.

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday & have birthday (pan)cakes!
Please excuse the bed hair going on here. 
Poor Charlie was convinced it was his birthday and wanted us to sing to him so badly.  I wasn't going to lie to the kid- so after a mini meltdown we assured him his birthday is next and we will sing to him soon.  He just loves birthdays- the candles, the cakes, the gifts.. everything! 
That evening, Grammy came over to babysit the boys and we had a night out with our friends!  We had such a great time.. so many friends (old & new) came out to celebrate with Trey- He really felt the love! 
Here's a few pics of our night out... forgive the poor quality- the iPhone does what it can (not much).

 One highlight of the night?  Watching Trey ride a mechanical bull.  Hilarious.  The birthday boy got special treatment- we let made him ride that thing for15 min!

Let this be proof that we do get to go out without kiddos at least 1 night a year. ;)

The next day Charlie helped me make his favorite cake- Italian Creme! 

That night, we celebrated with family, fajitas, presents and CAKE!

Grammy & Henry :)

 Now our boys are next- can't believe Charlie will be 3 and Henry will be 1 in just WEEKS!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cousin Visit!

We spent a lovely Saturday with our sweet cousins in Buda!  It was a much overdue visit.. and although it was short, we made the most of it.  Sarah is 8 months pregnant and we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our sweet baby boy cousin in April! 

It was kind of a dreary day so we spent most of it indoors playing.  Charlie loved all of Alice's toys- even though most of them were pink! ;)  He did get introduced to Play Doh for the 1st time.  Not sure how I missed that FUN activity!  He just *may* be getting some for his 3rd birthday. ;) At least all of his cookie cutting experience helped him know exactly what to do! 

Alice was so sweet to share all of her best toys with him... including this super cool Toy Story tent filled with balls :)

After a yummy lunch we made a palette on the floor and had quiet time.  How sweet to see them all laying together!

Then, we decided some baking would be fun (when is it not?) so we let them make Red Velvet cupcakes with SPRINKLES!

Cute Henry was happy as can be just watching the big kids!

This boy is definitely my kid.
Before we had to head back to Houston, Alice gave Henry his 1st Tea Party!  It was the cutest thing. 

She is going to be such a sweet big sister to her little brother!
We can't wait to meet him.. he'll be here so soon!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello 2012! (January Recap)

Hi blog.  Long time no see. 

I have been in a blogging funk lately- so much going on and ironically so much to blog about... but I keep putting it off!  You know when you have so much to do that you get overwhelmed and you don't know where to start?  Yeah, it's like that & this is me trying to end it.  Plus, someday in our future I may look back at our blog and wonder what on earth we were up to January 2012! 

2012 has already been filled with family & fun.  Early January we traveled to Bastrop to celebrate a late Christmas and Heidi's birthday.  Betty/Bebe also drove in from Midland.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we headed to McKinney Falls State Park for an afternoon.  It's such a great place to go and hike around & have a picnic!

Charlie was in Heaven.  He explored and ran his little legs off!  He climbed on the rocks, got wet and skipped rocks.

Henry enjoyed being outdoors and with good company.   

I have a feeling we'll go back there a time or two!

Bebe decided to come back to Houston with us for a week!  It was such a blessing to have her company & help because Trey traveled for work most of that week and we were having our kitchen remodeled!  (That deserves its own post later).  Anyway, with contractors in & out of the house we needed to be elsewhere.  It was a crazy, but FUN week- the boys were never bored!  We spent a day at our wonderful Children's museum and another at the zoo.  (Surprise, Surprise!) 

Given Charlie's recent obsession with trains we just had to ride the train at Hermann Park!

 Charlie was just a tad excited! :)

The zoo never disappoints... especially on a sunny day.  A sunny weekday when it's like we have the whole zoo to ourselves and Charlie can run free!  He had a new love for the otters this visit in the Children's zoo.  Henry was happy as can be (as usual!) observing from his stroller.

As an afternoon special treat Charlie had Dippin' Dots for the 1st time!  He even shared some with his baby brother.

The next week was taken from us by an evil stomach bug!  Poor Henry was host to his 1st virus and it stuck around way too long forcing us to cancel every activity and playdate we had for over a week!  We also had a lot of rainy days so all of this kept us indoors.  Not enjoyable when you have an energetic toddler!  Days like that we turn to crafts and BAKING! 

 This kid l-o-v-e-s to be in the kitchen & baking, especially sugar cookies he can cut out!  He's actually really good at it... and I like to make these with him because he can do almost all of it himself.  
We made some colored sugar glaze that he could just paint on.

My boys enjoying their cookies! 

One pretty Sunday afternoon Trey decided to take the boys to the park in the wagon- Henry's 1st time to ride in it!  
Is this kid for real?  The face, the cheeks, the belly.. ahh I love him.
 He seemed scared at 1st but that didn't last long.
 He loves doing anything with Charlie.

   Sweetest boys. 

Now that February is here and halfway over, we are in Birthday Season!  Trey's 30th as well as planning our boys' 3rd and 1st birthdays!  HOW can that be?