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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adams Family Golf Day! ...or Weekend!

It's a known fact that when we are visiting my dad and family, there will be golf.  And a lot of it!  They live right off of the golf course, and it seems that every member of the family (except me!) has become quite obsessed with the sport.  I'm seriously going to have to learn if I want to stay a part of the Adams Family.  Over our visit in July, we were there Sat-Tues and they played every day we were there!  If it wasn't on the golf course, it was chipping balls in the back yard.  Sunday however, we all went to the golf course- including Charlie & me for Adams Family Golf Day.  Charlie loved walking around the golf course & riding in the golf cart. 

We even bought him his 1st set of golf clubs.   They are his favorite toy right now by far, and since we bought the boy version with a blue golf bag. 
I'm ready to tee off!
Trey plays golf...
Pops plays golf...
Amy plays golf...
Quentin plays golf..
And Nate plays golf. He even plays for his high school team!

On a side note:  I can't believe my BABY brother is 16.  Quite handsome, don't you think? 
...Even Charlie plays golf...

Everyone plays golf.. but ME!
I take pictures.  And chase a toddler around.  That's what I do. 
And I enjoy rides in the golf cart. 
My family!
Charlie & his Mamy.  They are even color coordinated!
Q & Pops.  Do they look alike or what?!
Behind their house is just an empty field, so they turn it into a driving range.  Here's Charlie ready to drive some balls!
I am boy.  I love golf!
Are we really gonna hit all these balls?
Okay, better get started!
I'd rather throw instead.

My little AggieCat. 
K-State shirt from Uncle Q and A&M shorts from Auntie Emma.
Our aspiring golfer!  I love this big smile. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thankful for a Full Life

This last month as been a full one- with places to go & people to see.  I'll expand on some of these trips with additional posts soon, but here's a quick overview:

We started off our crazy month with a fun trip to the panhandle to see most of the Adams family for a much needed visit.  We enjoyed a long July 4th holiday weekend with my Dad, Amy, brothers Quentin & Nathan, Patti, Aunt Cherry and a visit to my grandmother 'Minga'.  We always enjoy going up there to enjoy family and the simple life. 

Charlie with his Uncle Quentin & Uncle Nathan
Charlie & Pops- Maybe Charlie gets his 'serious look' from him!
Charlie with Mamy, Boone & ChiChi
Visiting our Minga.
4 generations!  Love it.

For our next trip we drove to Tuscola, TX (south of Abilene) to see my cousin Katelyn get married to her fiance' Kolby!  It was a beautiful ranch wedding and we had a blast seeing everyone again. 

Mr. & Mrs. Horner with the proud parents- Uncle Danny & Aunt MB
Patti, Nathan, Charlie & me, Quentin
A picture with the Horners!
MB, Danny & us

Next on the calendar was a weekend trip to Midland to see Trey's cousin get married this time.  Robert & Jessica joined their families in a beautiful ceremony.  Jessica was my youth group leader at church when I was in high school.. talk about a small world!  I know the Melzer & Staib families are thrilled to welcome her.  It was a great weekend, although too fast.  Charlie loved being at Grandpa & Bebe's house. 

Robert welcoming his new bride.
Robert & Jessica at the altar.
That's as far as I got before having to take Charlie to the parlor.  He was patient for the 1st 15 min and then reached his limit.  :)

Grandpa, Charlie & Red.

Trey's lovely Grandma Melzer & Charlie's 'GG'

This weekend has been exciting so far!  It started off with my little brother Adam becoming a Daddy!  Adam & Amanda welcomed Toby Eugene Friday evening at 11:25pm.  We are so excited that he's finally here!
My mom, Granny & I went to visit the 3 cuties last night at the hospital.  Here are a few photos but you know there will be more soon.  :) 

He is just darling!
Looks just like Amanda!
Grammy & Toby
Yesterday morning we drove to Buda so we could celebrate our cousin Alice turning 2!  It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming her into the world.  She had a Wizard of Oz birthday party complete with a yellow brick road, rainbows, lollipops, munchkins, and Alice was Dorothy!  Charlie loved playing with all the little munchkins. 
My cousin Sarah & Alice, Age 2!

The birthday girl- doesn't she make the cutest Dorothy?

Charlie loved the rainbow lollipops!

Sweet cousins playing in the bubbles.

So even though we are exhausted and behind in our chores & sleep, we wouldn't have it any other way.  We must keep on going.. there are exciting things ahead!  Trey leaves Wednesday to fly to Orcas Island, Washington to see his other cousin Bobby marry his bride, Meghan.  Wish Charlie & I could go, but we'll be there in spirit!  Trey will be gone a whole week!  We will miss our Daddy. 

Also we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our good friends David & Jessica's baby boy.  Please hurry and meet us soon!  We can't wait! 

Hope everyone is also enjoying their busy lives and appreciating each day together with their families!