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Monday, October 31, 2011

Henry is 7 Months!

The months are just flying by here in the Moore household... I feel like I just did Henry's 6 month old post! 
7 months seems so much older than 6 months for some reason- our little chubs is really growing.. and FAST. 

He is just the happiest lil guy... so much fun to be around.  We seriously feel so blessed to have such a happy, easy baby.  I love his sweet personality and cuddly demeanor. 

Henry is still a solid sleeper and EATER- he has loved every new solid food he's tried and we are up to 3 meals/day.  He is still on a bottle strike, but we're making it work.  Hopefully he'll learn to drink from a straw in a couple months and can take some milk that way.

His upper body is getting stronger and is sitting up better & longer.  I don't expect him to crawl anytime soon- and I'm totally okay with that. ;)  No teeth either- I think we have slow crawlers & teethers in this family. 

Henry still loves his big brother and watches his every move.  It'll be so fun when they can play together! 

We love you Sweet Boy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mini Mail: Charlie's Itty Bitty Pen Pal!

Every day Charlie looks forward to checking the mail & is absolutely thrilled if there's ever anything in there for him.  That's why I was super excited about Meredith's idea (of The Tichenor Family) to start Mini Mail- Itty Bitty Pen Pals! 
We were set up with {almost} 2.5 year old Jackson.  He is adorable and I've enjoyed emailing back & forth with his Momma! ;)

Since Charlie loves to do arts & crafts, we made Jackson a Halloween card to pack in his box of goodies.

As expected, he was so excited to see a box with "C is for Charlie" written on it in the mail! 
 Jackson sent Charlie a sweet Halloween card, a mask, stickers, and a 3D pop up book!

Thanks Meredith for the great idea and to Momma Wilson & Jackson for the fun Mini Mail!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zoo Boo! It's a Tradition, Y'all.

When we 1st moved to Houston in the Fall of 2004- we were living in the Museum district in this new, BIG city trying to take it all in.. & just a few months away from our wedding.  One October day we went to the Houston Zoo and had a blast!  It just so happened to be one of their annual Zoo Boo days- where kids are encouraged to put their Halloween costume on and come to the zoo for all kinds of fun Halloween activities.  We had just as much fun adoring all the kids in their costumes as we did seeing the animals.  We told ourselves that when we had kids, we wanted to make it a tradition to come to Zoo Boo each year.   Not only that- we talked our sweet cousins Sarah & Jason into joining us!

Our 1st trip was 2 years ago when Charlie was 6months old and their precious Alice just turned 1. 
October 2009. Emma came too!  (Trey behind camera)
My mom is very talented and offered to sew Charlie's 1st costume. 
Folks, it doesn't get much cuter than this:

Here is a glimpse at our 1st Annual Zoo Boo trip.  Charlie wore his Lion costume and Alice was an Ewok! The cuteness was overflowing!

Then last year was even MORE fun because both our kiddos were walking and could enjoy it together!  Charlie's Grammy made him an adorable monkey costume (which he refused to wear the head) and Alice was Dorothy! 
This year it was even more exciting getting to take our Henry along, too!  Grammy made Charlie a turtle costume, Alice was Smurfette, and I couldn't pass up using that adorable lion costume again on Henry. 
It brought back flashbacks from 2 years ago.  Of course I had to add a side-by-side to compare! ;)
The 2 cutest Lions I ever did see!
(This further confirms Charlie's head is bigger.)
Henry loved Zoo Boo!  He just laid in his stroller looking around happily for 3 hours while the big kids ran all over the zoo. 
Charlie & Alice were so excited to see the animals- particularly the Zebras & 'Raffes, so we had to keep our photo shoot pretty short.

We're being cute & holding can we pleeease go see the animals?
Off we went!
And boy did we go.  I will never understand the limitless supply of energy kids have. 
We had this running joke all day long that Charlie was the fastest turtle in the West!

We went trunk or treating...
 We looked at all the animals...

We got to feed the 'Raffes!...

We ran into some friends...
Henry & Taryn
We stopped for lunch...
And a kiss...
We rode the carousel...
(And almost fell asleep!)
Visited the petting zoo...
Henry & Daddy posed by Johnathan the Lion...
And Charlie by his favorite monkey...

It was a GREAT day!  We were all exhausted and feel confident we made fun memories all around. 
Can't wait until our next Moore-Woolery Family Zoo Boo Weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life via iPhone, Part II

It's been since July since I posted pictures of our life via the beloved iPhone camera.  Here are some more candid glimpses into our everyday happenings since then!

Henry and Papa at Uncle Nate's Bball tournament

Bebe giving Charlie a foot massage. HA!

Charlie showing off one of his many masterpieces

"I give Baby Henny a kiss!"

Craft time is exhausting!

You know you wanna squeeze him!

Charlie was helping his Grammy organize her jewelry!

Charlie & Uncle Q in Dallas

NEW Mom Car!

At his 1st movie this summer-Cars 2! His eyes never left the big screen.

"Look, Honey!  Our new car can comfortably fit FOUR kids!" ;-)

Charlie & his girlfriend Ali on a frozen yogurt date.

Henry- always happy!

My child napping on the kitchen floor.

Sweet Henry loves his baths

I have no words.

I took this wanting to remember exactly how peaceful he looked.  His mouth is so tiny!

"Look, Mama! I get Baby Henny's milk!"

Surprising Grammy at her office on her Birthday!

We found Charlie passed out under his horse 2 hours after we put him to bed.  Lil stinker must have snuck out!

Brotherly Love.
Like how they're almost the same size? 2 years apart, everyone!


2nd movie- LION KING in 3D!

I think he was having a flashback from 2 years ago.

Henry borrowing his buddy Hayes' cool Jumperoo!

Henry's 1st Astros game!  He didn't even care they got slaughtered!

The face we get to see when he wakes up from naps. 
Sweet baby still loves being swaddled even though he's busting out of his Miracle Blanket.


Baby MumMums!

It actually rained!  So we had to play in it, of course.

Our big boy has outgrown his swing. 

Haircut! Cutting off some of the unruly curls :(

Sweet boy wanted to sleep with me when Daddy was out of town.

Home Depot trip!
Sometimes you have to get creative to fit everything.

Love that we have all of these random, every day moments captured.  Life is never boring with these two buddies!