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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello Again & Charlie's Updates

Hello sweet friends and family!  Yes, it's been almost a MONTH since I've posted on our family blog.  I'm going to blame it on the whole being a tired, pregnant, working mom of a toddler thing.  Where did the month of October go? 

Charlie is growing up on us, and FAST.  Here's a few new things he's doing:
  • He's learning new things every day.  This last week in his class they brought home Halloween art every day, and he learned the color ORANGE.  You can ask him what color his pumpkin is and he'll say "Ohange".  It's precious! 
  • He's also learning to count and is favorite number is definitely "twoooooo". 
  • We've moved from being obsessed with airplanes and helicopters to BUSES.  He LOVES to see a school bus and squeals with excitement when we see one. 
  • He loves stickers.  Any kind of sticker.  He calls them "steestee" and likes to put them all over his hands. 
  • One day last week he heard me say "Oh Gosh" and now he says it all the time! 
  • His favorite thing to watch on TV is Elmo (Sesame Street), The Backyardigans or the only Disney movie that we own- Beauty & The Beast.  He loves the music and will watch the entire movie! 
  • He has started to CLIMB!  We have caught him climbing on the fireplace, on his toy shelves, on the tables and even out of his crib.  Time to RE baby-proof the house?  I think so. 
  • If he spills his milk or snacks he'll say "made a mess!" 
  • His favorite "nacks" right now are bananas (still), nutella on graham crackers, and applesauce.   
  • He just loves to brush his teeth.  I'm sure it's the fruity toothpaste that he really loves, but I'll go with it. 
  • He still loves to play in the dirt & loves the slides at the park.  We are planning to get him a playground to put in our backyard with a sandbox at the bottom.  :) 
  • He says "pleassssss" for everything now.. and it's just so sweet he can almost get anything he wants because of it! 
  • At his 18 month appointment he was 32" tall (42%ile) and weighed 25lbs (46%ile).  Dr. Eddings told us that our job from here until his next appointment at 24 months is just to keep him alive.  With the adventurous climbing and exploring, I now see what she meant. 
  • His eyes have changed from the darkest shade of blue to the sweetest shade of green.  My boy is so special! 
The pregnancy is going well.  I'm in my 16th week right now which means the baby is the size of an avocado! 

Morning sickness is not every day anymore which I am excited about! The energy that they speak of in the 2nd trimester hasn't picked up yet, but hopefully it will soon! I've started to feel the little baby move and all of our prenatal tests show a healthy baby so we have much to be thankful for.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mr. Independent

Charlie is such an easy toddler.  I keep waiting for these terrible-twos to hit, and I'm sure they will right when baby 2 is here.  For now though, he's so good.  He is very independent... often playing on his own in the playroom, outside, or in his room.  Yesterday the house got really quiet and Trey & I wondered what he was up to. 

We found him in his room doing this: 
I didn't even know he could climb up on that glider!
Sweet boy loves his books. 

We have so many that we finally bought him a bookshelf for his room.  He is very particular on which books he wants to read before bed, so now he can go to his shelf and pick them out himself!