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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Month of Grandparents

Our kids have to have the best Grandparents on Earth.  I'm sure there are amazing Grandparents everywhere, but I am convinced ours are the best. :)

We are now only 4 miles away from Grammy & Poppy.  Hooray!  It is awesome!  We are already getting to see them more often.  Grammy's birthday was this week and we had to visit her at work- it's starting to be a little tradition!

Papa & Mamy came down for a few days to visit and see the new house AND bring back our doggies!  Yay!  We had a great visit with them but for some reason I didn't get many pictures. BOO!  We did take them to an Astros game which the boys really loved.  Henry loves to clap and was in Heaven when the crowd would clap.  Too bad the Astros were terrible and lost like 13-2 or something.  Still fun though!

The next weekend Bebe came to visit us!  Henry waited for her to start "really" walking.  He is walking all over the place!  We decided to take them to the Children's museum since he is walking and can enjoy it more.
He had a blast in the toddler zone!  Charlie is now too  old for it so Henry got some good one-on-one time.

 Charlie really enjoyed the lower level this time where you can launch your own paper airplanes.
 He could have done this for hours!
This next video is so cute to me- Charlie really loves puppets and gave me a little puppet show.  His seal voice is adorable!
We had a great time!  

After our few days with Bebe was over we took her to the airport.  Had to take a pic of the boys during this sweet moment!

After all of our company every day Charlie wakes up and asks, "Who's coming today?" So spoiled by visits and we love it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

25 weeks & Cute Boys

I'm 25 weeks today!  And today is the 1st day I've noticed that I can no longer see my feet.  Keep growing little girl!

 Our Charlie just got a haircut (& lollipop) and is cute as ever!

Henry found Charlie's hat and has been busy showing it off.  Check out the cuteness radiating from this child!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Henry's Steps & Fun with Friends

Henry is slowly becoming more steady on his feet.  He'll walk a few feet now before he falls.. and can walk across a room if he's distracted with holding a ball!

One of the many perks about our new home is living just one block away from our awesome Stassi family friends!  We've been spending a lot of time with them & the boys love them!  
Aunt Becky getting some Henry cuddles 
Charlie & Aunt Becky making some cookies for everyone! She definitely knows the way to his heart.

Henry is loving being more mobile.. with that comes lots of exploring!

Sophia is very sweet to Charlie and he just adores her.  She always plays with him and he follows her around for hours!

We also enjoyed a fun afternoon with the Baldwin family.  MacKenzy and Charlie are only 5 days apart and always play so well together!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

On the Mend & a Birthday Party!

After just a few days of antibiotics and breathing treatments Henry's pneumonia significantly improved! He's now back to his happy self again.  Sure don't like it when my baby is sick!
 He's also REALLY close to walking.  He is cruising all over the place and will take a few steps if he's not thinking about what he's doing. Once he gets some confidence, he'll be taking off!

 Here is our 23 week belly pic!  Feeling really good these days.  I have a ton of energy which is GREAT for unpacking and settling in a new home.  Plus we will soon start putting together Molly's nursery and I have a lot of fun projects in mind that'll require energy. ;)

Our sweet cousin Alice turned 4!  We headed to Buda on Friday morning for her Snow White birthday party at a super fun jumpy place!  Charlie has been to one of these before but this was the 1st time he wasn't nervous or cautious and he had a blast!

Henry loved it too- especially watching Charlie.  It's so hilarious to see your big brother fall down a slide!

Singing Happy Birthday to Alice/Snow White!

Baby brother Jude happy as can be hanging out with the big kids.
On the drive home they each had a cookie (more sugar, yay!) and passed out.  It was such a fun day!
Sweet Henry's face when we got home.
That night Grammy stopped by with Sonic Treats!  These boys sure love their Grammy.