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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Boy & His Dog

Charlie loves our dog Kyla.  Loves!  As soon as we get home he looks for her.  'Dog' was his 1st word even!  Actually, it's more like "Daw".  Now he tries to say 'Kyla' and it comes out more like 'Lahla".  His 1st real belly laugh was when he was 5 months old while watching her jump up for a treat. 
Check it out!  It'll make you giggle. 
Kyla loves Charlie.  When he was a tiny baby we went out of town and had a good friend come and pet sit for us.  He said Kyla searched the whole house for him.. he's her baby.  Now she follows him around everywhere, mainly to lick off any cookie crumbs or banana juice left on his face & hands.  And now that he's obsessed with throwing the ball, she loves him even more. 

The other day we were outside & Charlie was eating his snacks out of his snack cup.  It was no surprise that Kyla would be right there by his side, so I grabbed my camera & captured the moment.  His face lights up around her.  I just love it.

You like goldfish too, Lahla?
Mama!  She liked it!

Sweet girl is so gentle.

I wish you could hear his adorable laugh. 

What about this rock I found?  You want it?  We can share.

A thank you kiss.  Yup, right on the mouth.  There's no stopping it. 

Family Weekend

I figured I'd start out with a fun family weekend we had the 1st weekend of May.

My Dad, Step mom Amy, and little sister Emma came for 3 days! They weren't able to make it for Charlie's birthday so came down as soon as they could. It worked out great- we spent lots of quality time together & I think Charlie really bonded with all of them.

Saturday morning we wanted to drive down & spend a day at the beach. Trey, being the explorer he is, wanted to experience the excitement of Bolivar Peninsula. And what an experience it was! It took us forever to do the whole ferry thing & find a beach, but once we did it was worth it. Despite the cloudy weather, we had a great time. My Dad had more fun than he thought he would, Emma saw the ocean for the 1st time, and Charlie had a ball playing in the sand!
Is it everything you dreamed it'd be, Em?  Sorry it's not Mexico. 
Dad, the Wranglers will need to come off if you wanna get in the water. Then again, this is the man who used to snow ski in his wranglers.  Extra starched, of course.  :)
This is my gorgeous sister, Emma Lyn.  I felt like I was a photographer for Sports Illustrated. 
Dad tried to bicycle kick the soccer ball and fell down on his butt.  haha hehe hoho... that was FUNNY! 
Amy & Charlie

He loved playing in the sand.

And EATING the sand. 
Precious boy.

He makes me so happy!
That smile...

Later in the weekend we re-created Charlie's birthday cake experience so they could see him dig in. By this time he was a pro...he loved smearing the cake ALL over his face and hair and watching everyone giggle & stare at him. :) What a cutie.

See?  Pro. 
This picture makes me laugh. 
At this point he had it all in his hair.. but doesn't he look proud of himself? 

Sunday afternoon we grabbed the dogs & walked to the park
I love that belly.  Please don't lose that belly.


Sweet picture of Charlie with Pops & Mamy. 

Speaking of Pops... Charlie LOVED him... This picture was taken the night before they left. He kept laying his head on his chest.  Sweet.

We can't wait for our next visit when we fly up to Amarillo for the 4th of July...the beautiful panhandle... land of canyons, cows, horses & best of all-FAMILY.

The Moore Family Blog... finally!

Why hello there. It's nice to see you. Welcome to our family blog.

You may be wondering why we are just now starting a family blog- 5 1/2 years after we got married & 14 months after our precious Charlie Jack came into our lives.

You may be wondering why we didn't start this earlier so we could journal our crazy, hectic lives together.

You may be thinking it sure would have been nice to have this blog to read when Charlie was born...when he was a teeeeeeny tiny baby...when he was learning to crawl & learning to sign "more" & "milk"... when he discovered that throwing broccoli across the room was fun...when he learned to dance and to walk...

No? You're not thinking that at all? Maybe that's just my own procrastinating guilt talking.

Regardless...better late than never, right?

I'm looking forward to documenting our lives as a family & sharing some of these moments with our family & friends. And if this is the only time you read our blog, that's okay...Let us just say:

Hi! We love you & miss you!

It's my goal to post at least once a week so please bookmark us and check back in every now and then! You really won't want to miss any Charlie posts. I mean c'mon... He's just SO cute & irresistible!

I'm not striving to win a Bloggie or anything, but if any of you experienced bloggers have any tips... please share! 
**If you're wondering where "Trecki" came, we are not Sci Fi/StarTrek lovers. It's just the very clever combination of our names we came up with years ago & it just stuck. Besides, 'Moorefamilyblog' was already taken. Isn't Charlie lucky to be our 1st Trecki? I'm sure he'll love that when he's older.**