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Saturday, June 30, 2012

June- the rest

More random happenings from this month...

When Bebe & Heidi were in town earlier in the month we decided to go to the sandcastle competition in Galveston.  We had a great time until everyone just got too hot.  I don't know why I didn't get any pics of the amazing sandcastles... but I did get one of this lil punkin!
We've been enjoying reconnecting with our friends, The Pagels!  Jack is in between Charlie & Henry's age.. perfect for play dates!
Jack & Henry discovering a play house at Chick-fil-a
I turned 31 this month!  Very thankful for another year of life with my family.  Charlie was excited as always to celebrate a birthday.

Charlie had his first true cleaning at the dentist! He was very cooperative and picked chocolate toothpaste :) He went back there all on his own while Henry and I played in the waiting room.

 We were excited to have Patti visit us for the 1st time in Houston!  She came over and spent an evening with us, bringing the boys a new book!

Our bedtime routine of bath, books and bed is one of my favorite times of the day.  Our boys are so cuddly and precious then.

Henry is our sleeper.  Always has been!  He will nap for hours and will never cry when he wakes up.  You have to keep going back and making sure he's not actually awake, like this...

Since my mom has Fridays off she watches the boys for me while I go to all my prenatal appointments.  They love going to Grammy's house!

The Andersons stopped through Houston while on their trip through Texas & we got to visit with them over a breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Their twins are a year older than Charlie and Evelyn is a year older than Henry.  Such a precious family they have!

Lately Henry has gotten faster pushing around the shopping cart.. I think he likes having carpet at Diya's house to push it on!  Charlie is going through a "Puppy" stage right now... he's Puppy most of the time actually.

We got to go bowling for our friend Tracey's birthday.  They had a lane set up with a ramp for the kids so Charlie & MacKenzy could bowl too.  SO fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Our 1st Home

Life has been BUSY lately.  Packing, moving, house hunting.
Since we decided to hold onto our house instead of selling it, we have to have a lease on it & rent money in the bank before we can put an offer on a 2nd house. We thankfully found great tenants to lease out our home and they are moving in the 1st of July.  Yay!  However this means we'll be homeless until we can find a new house.
Thankfully we have this amazing friend- His name is Kerem.  I call him Dos (nickname originating from the Myspace days) and the boys call him Dayi, which is Uncle in Turkish.  We met him 10 years ago when he went to Germany with Trey for a study abroad trip through A&M.  We've been best friends ever since, and he was a groomsman in our wedding.  Truly a lifetime friend.  
Kerem & us- June 2007
This wonderful, generous friend of ours has offered for the 4 of us to live with him until we can find a new home!  Homeless problem solved!

So being the end of June the time has come- we have to move out! 
The boys have done well with this moving thing.  Even Charlie seemed to understand when we had to pack up most of his toys & his bedroom!  Very happy about that.  We are taking the essentials and their most favorite toys with us to Kerem's house.

When the moving men were here we tried to stay out of the way by playing in the front yard.
Of COURSE the day we decided to move out Houston had record highs- I think it was 102 by 11am.  :(  Not fun.
Moving truck filling up fast!
 You never realize how much stuff you actually accumulate until you start trying to put everything in boxes.  We kept going back to Lowes to buy MORE boxes.  I think our grand total was around 100 boxes.  WHAT?! I blame it on all the kids' stuff. :)  We ended up needing 2 moving trucks and 2 storage units!
One of our storage units.  Those movers know how to fill it up!  It's a bit unsettling to see everything that you own in one small space.  
 After everything was out I headed back to the house to clean it up and get it ready for our new tenants.  I had an emotional moment when cleaning Charlie's room and found this sweet, grubby hand print behind his door.  It must have been when he was a year old. :')  It was really hard for me to wash this off.
It's already bittersweet moving out of our 1st home.. being pregnant & emotional doesn't help!  We are excited about a new chapter but will definitely miss our Durban cottage.
Seems like just yesterday we were excited new homeowners- newlyweds with just our doggies.
So moving on-----
We finally got the green light from our lender to look at houses since our house was leased.
The house hunt has begun!
We've been looking online A LOT the past few months.  We have a long list of  'wants' and 'don't wants' and have a pretty good idea of what we are looking for.  A bigger house with room for our growing family, close to my parents, a game room, BIG kitchen, nice backyard... the list goes on and on.  Since we are hoping this will be our forever home we aren't willing to compromise much.

Unbelievably, just as it was with our 1st home, we think we've found the ONE from the 1st house we actually looked at.  After seeing it we realized it had ALL of our 'must haves' and 90% of our 'wants'.  Could it be this easy?

We've put an offer in on this house and really praying it is meant to be!  It's just perfect for our family!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby #3 is a...


We had our 16 week ultrasound today and elected to find out the gender (OF COURSE!).  Even though I had a hunch that this little angel was a girl, we are still in shock! Did we really make something other than a boy?

The ultrasound technician was 100% sure.. and assured us over and over again that it's definitely a girl.
Years ago..when we were young & in love in high school, we decided if we ever got married and had a baby girl we wanted to name her Molly.  A complete random name, something we both loved and thought sounded cute with Moore.  We pictured a little blonde curly haired toddler bouncing around & Molly was the perfect name for her.  We decided her middle name would be Taylor after my baby sister up in Heaven.  Ten years later and after having our boys we weren't sure we'd ever get to use it!

Molly Taylor Moore, we can't wait to meet you!

Here is a belly pic from last week at 15 weeks.  Baby girl is definitely growing!

My cravings have been different this time.  With the boys I craved fruit and more fruit... and despised meat.  This pregnancy has me craving anything spicy and salty.  Most recently- fried pickles!

This is a picture of a good man right here.
Bringing home some fried pickles!