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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Kids in {Cloth} Diapers!

When I was pregnant with Charlie, my very dear (& smart!) friend Casey introduced me to the world of cloth diapers.  Trey and I were easily convinced and decided to try them out.  We bought a few...tested them out when he was born.. fell in love...then bought more!  We have been hooked ever since. 
Cloth diapers have come a LONG way!  They are awesome.  Charlie's been using the SAME 18 cloth diapers from 6 weeks old to now.  Talk about saving $ on diapers- not to mention saving some space in the landfill.  Yay!

Charlie started out in cloth diapers at 6 weeks old.

So when we got pregnant with Henry we knew we'd need more since we haven't started potty training with Charlie.  (Another post for another day!)  My talented friend Taryn designed her own genius cloth diaper pattern when she was pregnant with her 1st baby, and so I begged her to make some for Henry. 

Here they are and I'M IN LOVE! 

Her diapers are ADORABLE- I love the colors and the cute fabric!  They are also a better design than the Bum Genius diapers that I swear by. 

We started Henry in these as soon as he was big enough. 

Henry trying out his 1st cloth diaper.  Bulky, but Soft!

 I was worried having to keep up with the cleaning involved with TWO kids in cloth would be a headache, but it's really not! 

20 = How many diapers we go through a DAY.  I love saving $.

I love them 100%
They're not for everyone... but if anyone has ever thought of using them I'd urge you to do some research because cloth aren't what they used to be! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlie's Last Day of School

We were so blessed to find such a great school to send Charlie to during the days while we were working. Charlie started there full time at 3 months and was there 2 full years.  All of the teachers there have been incredible and we are so thankful for their loving care of our little boy.  It was really sad to pull him out of there, but this Mama has been looking forward to spending ALL her days with her Charlie.  :) 

We don't have many pictures of him there, but here are a few from his time with his friends at SBPA. 

Reading with Ms. Carmen at 5 months old

Charlie loved his daily buggy rides!  Don't you love how he reaches for his friend?  ..Not to mention his chubby legs!

Go Texan Day!

They made his 1st Birthday so special! 

He LOVED circle time. 

Early breakfasts with sweet friends

He always brought home the most precious artwork.

Charlie happily celebrated his 2nd birthday with his friends with a cupcake party!
With all of these sweet memories it wasn't easy to say goodbye.  Luckily Charlie didn't realize the significance of his 'Last Day'. 

He was so excited to show off his baby brother.

His sweet class!  Minus a few.  ALL boys and 1 girl.

Charlie and his best bud Colton.  These 2 have been friends since they were 3 months old! 

We thank you for being his home away from home.  He'll be dropping in off and on so he can see his favorite teachers and friends. 

As Charlie would say: "Bye bye School! Bye bye Friends!"

Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Job!

It is with bittersweet emotion that I can officially say I am no longer Becki Moore, Cytogeneticist...
but now 
Becki Moore, Full-time Wife and Mother of the 2 most precious boys in the Universe!  :) 

Trey & I decided together that the best thing for our family will be for me to quit working full-time and stay home while our boys are small.  Time just flies by too fast, and it seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with Charlie.  

This was a difficult decision NOT because my boys aren't wonderful and precious but because I really liked my job.  It was challenging, interesting, family-friendly, and I worked with an amazing group of people.  I already miss them like crazy.  I'm definitely going to miss seeing their faces every day.

Last week I was able to say 'See you Later' to everyone- they gave me a very sweet goodbye luncheon. 

Here are some pics with my favorite GENE TEAM... my second family. 

I would be lying if I said I won't miss looking at chromosomes all day...
Thanks for entertaining me for the last 6 years.  I hope we work together again one day!

Until then....
I'll be staring at these precious babies of mine- all day, every day.