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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life With Boys

I'm gonna be honest here- our boys are probably wearing just underwear or a diaper (in Henry's case)  more often than clothes when we are just hanging at home.  It's just easier.. especially with potty training.
I'm sure we aren't the only family with boys that does this! :)

One bad thing about this (other than when someone randomly knocks on your door) is when they do something cute and you scramble for the camera only to realize they aren't dressed!  Most of those photos don't get shared.. but then there are a few that pop up that are just too cute not to share.

Like this one.
Cute lil helper! The boots are his shoes of choice these days. 
And someday I'll look back and watch this video of Charlie playing soccer on our patio and laugh!

And of course our adorable Henry..
Love those chubby, dirty knees!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few Things That Make Us Happy

In the evenings after dinner we like to take walks or play outside.  Henry loves his swing.. and loves his big brother even more!  His laugh is truly infectious and something that always makes us smile!

Going on an evening walk!
Our littlest love is growing!  12 week ultrasound.. such a cute little profile! 
We should be able to find out next month if we are having a boy or girl!  Can't wait!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A More Mobile Henry- 13 months

Henry is proving to us that he is not like his big brother- he is much more reserved and laid-back.  He likes to sit back and observe and do things in his own time!

He's pulling up on things but not quite 'cruising'.  We thought he was going to skip crawling all together (Charlie did too other than a brief army crawl).. but he started crawling verrrry slowly today.  So cute to watch him do something new and be so proud.  I love his always happy nature and how he always sticks out that little tongue!

Please excuse the mommy voice.. it just comes out!

This next video is something my Dad took with his phone when he was visiting. He was trying to video Henry learning to push the shopping cart toy.  I just LOVE hearing his baby talk voice come out when he talks to him! 

The boys have both loved playing with this Melissa & Doug wooden fruit set that Charlie got for his birthday.   They have been back into pots & pans, too.  Here Henry was Charlie's helper while he was making a" pear pie"! Charlie is very good at delegating. ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tour of Texas 2012- Graduation Edition!

The long drive to the panhandle went smoothly!  The boys and dogs were in good spirits and we only needed to stop a couple times.  Pros!

Can't believe my baby brother is already graduating high school!  Nate had a nice group of us cheering for him!  Charlie fell asleep on Uncle Q but woke up in time to yell for Uncle Nate walking across the stage.  Henry happily bounced from lap to lap.

The graduate with his nephews!

The Adams Family!
The boys always have a blast at Papa & Mamy's house.  They love playing outside and with their dogs!
Swimming fully clothed- again.  His canine pal Beau at his side!
It was nice to get to spend time with my beautiful sister too!
 These boys are so spoiled!
Emma went along with the boys and I to visit Minga one afternoon.  I was able to get a few sweet pictures of her with the boys.  :)
I loved playing on this mushroom stool when I was a little girl, too!

 The next day we headed down to Midland to visit with Trey's parents and Grandma.

A trip to Midland would not be complete without a trip to Rosa's!
Bebe decided to drive back with us and stay for a few days- yay!  We have a lot of boxes to pack!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We're moving!

With our family growing we have decided that it's now time to leave our 1st home for something with more space.  We bought this sweet little 'cottage house' 7 years ago- six months after we got married.  Even though we knew it wasn't our forever home it has served us well & holds many sweet memories. It will be bittersweet to move on.

The plan is to hold on to this house & lease it out for a few years, maybe more...?  We will start to look for a new home in Katy soon- looking forward to being closer to our family out there!  Yes, folks.  We are moving to Suburbia. 
Things just got real!  
 Our Realtor says to be prepared because our house could lease in less than a week.  Yikes!  I've already started packing boxes... I can tell this is going to be quite the process with 2 little ones around.  Not to mention this pregnancy is going to fly by with packing, moving, unpacking, settling... :)
Our sad hallway after all our family photos have been packed away.  
We are now preparing for our annual Tour of Texas road trip   My baby brother Nathan is graduating high school!  So we are packing up and heading up to the panhandle to celebrate with him and my Dad's family for a few days.  We'll then head back through Midland so we can visit Trey's family there.  Our awesome parents have agreed to dog sit for us for a few months during our moving process!  So here they are getting packed for the big road trip too!
They have no idea they'll never see this house again. :(  We'll be sure to pick a house with a big backyard for them!

Big News!

We are so happy to announce that our family is growing!  SUPER exciting!  3 has always been our lucky number. :)
 We found out a few weeks ago and couldn't be more excited!
I'd be lying to you if I told you these 2 were the only tests I took.  HA! 
Here is the 1st look at our newest blessing!
6 week ultrasound- Never gets old to see that tiny heartbeat!
Feeling good so far.  1st craving?  Homemade lemonade!
Here is the 1st belly pic- 10 weeks and already popping out!  This is definitely the earliest of the 3.