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Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 5 Months Henry!

Our delightfully chubby boy is 5 months old today!  Isn't he the cutest thing?? 

ADORABLE onesie courtesy of my good friend Laura
Our buddy is growing and growing.. showing his sweet demeanor and personality more each day. 

Some new things this month:
Tried rice cereal- hated it.  Tried oatmeal cereal- loved it!  (Just like Charlie!)
Improving his coordination and can grab toys.
Rolled over for the 1st time from tummy to back!
Started sleeping in his crib for naps and at bedtime!  He's a great sleeper:  Sleeps from 7pm-3am then until 7am.  Takes a 2-3 hour nap at 11am every day along with 1-2 little cat naps through the day.  His sleeping is very predictable, which is awesome!
Babbles and giggles- so sweet!
Loves watching Charlie play
Loves bathtime! 

I love this age- he is so sweet and cuddly still but is easier now that he has his routine down.  Sure makes having 2 easier!  I'm looking forward to them being able to play together, but for now I'm soaking up this baby as much as I can!  He's growing way too fast.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Henry & Hayes- NICU buds

Earlier this week Henry had his 1st official playdate! 

We met the Davis family when Henry was in the NICU.  Their baby boy Hayes was born just 4 days before Henry and was born with an omphalocele.  You can read about this precious angel's journey here.  Kelly and I actually have a mutual friend who contacted us both while we were in the NICU and recommended that we meet.  (Thank you Jamie!)  Such a small world.  We instantly hit it off- It was such a blessing to have another mommy to talk to who also had a baby in the NICU.  We never met each other's babies but always saw each other & would share our frustrations and good news.

Henry & Hayes seemed to start improving at the same rate and were hitting the same milestones simultaneously!  It was really cool.  Then all of a sudden the nurses mentioned the blessed "D" word (Discharge!) to both of us and we were cautiously thrilled!  These two fighters proved they wanted to go home and were discharged the exact same day.

Kelly & I have been keeping up with each other and decided these boys need to officially meet.  It was great to talk and compare their sleeping/nursing/playing habits and meet each other's boys!  Hayes is a precious baby boy with the most beautiful bright blue eyes. 

Hayes & Henry! 
Henry is just a tad chubbier.  ha!

Instant pals. 

Doesn't get much cuter than this!

Precious boys.

Doesn't it look like they're the oldest of friends?  :)

We decided this needs to be a monthly playdate at minimum so these two can properly start their lifelong friendship that they are sure to have.  ;) 

Can't wait till next month's date, Friends!  xoxo

Friday, August 5, 2011

Watch Charlie Grow

I'm feeling rather reminiscent lately - loving looking at pictures from the last 2 years and am just amazed how fast time flies when you have kids.  It is SO neat to see your child advance- physically and mentally.  It's amazing what a difference 1 year can make in their short lives! 

When Charlie was attending school I always looked forward to his school pictures they took every Fall and Spring.  Here he is in all his cuteness- each 6 months apart.

It seems like only yesterday he was that chubby lil baby in the basket!  His teachers called him Butterball. Now he's growing tall and lean and my Henry is the Butterball! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Henry is 4 Months Old!

It's so hard to believe that our little baby is already 4 months old! 
Henry is such a sweet boy.  He is still so cuddly and has the BEST cheeks to kiss and thighs to squeeze. 

He is changing so fast and really starting to let his personality shine through!  He still LOVES to be held but is also becoming more independent and likes to play on his floor mat and try to grab at his toys.  He's also now strong enough to play in the exersaucer and jumper! 

He's babbling and giggling and he talks with his eyebrows- it's the cutest thing!
He is also losing all his dark hair and has a very interesting hair line!  There are tiny blonde hairs coming in underneath so I think his hair will be more like Charlie's after all.

His 4 month checkup went great!  Here are his stats:

Weight:  16 lbs, 12oz (78%ile)
Height:  25-1/8 in. (59%ile)
Head Circumference:  16 in. (22%ile)
BAM!  That's how we grow 'em around here. 
Hard to believe it but Henry has passed his older brother and weighs more than he did at this age! 
After his rough start to life we are so happy to see him growing and learning and THIS healthy!

His Pedi gave us the option to start rice cereal if we'd like.  With Charlie I remember being so eager to start solid foods.  While that is a fun and exciting journey to begin, I can't help but think how simple it is now to just nurse him and not have to worry about any other feedings.  We decided to hold off a little longer- it's not like he's not getting enough calories!  ;) 

Love this chubby angel!