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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Henry is 2 months old!

Our little guy is already 2 months old!  He has grown A LOT in this past month- proving that he can come from behind and catch up!  Our pedi was very pleased with his growth and once again said he would never guess Henry had such a rough start to life- he has no evidence of past respiratory distress whatsoever.  Praise God!

Here are his 2 month stats:

Weight: 11lbs 14 oz (57%ile)
Height:  23in (51%ile)
Head Circumference:  15" (11%ile)

We are really enjoying this little cuddle bug- he still wants to be held constantly and is happiest laying on our chests.

Some new things he's doing:
Holding his head up really well
Can put all his weight on his legs 
Sleeping almost through the night!  Sleeps 5-7 hours straight.  Yay!
Loves being outside
And ..the BEST new thing he has started this month is SMILING and little giggles. 

Henry's 1st smiles caught via iPhone!
(Can you tell I hold him in my lap all day?)

Our perfectly chubby, loveable 2 month old!
 Time is really starting to fly by and each day Henry is more wonderful than before.  I'm holding on to this precious little boy real tight because he has proven that he won't be tiny forever! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nature Fest!

One of the best things about Houston is there's always something to do!  We found out about Nature Fest in one of the neighborhoods in Cypress and decided to take the boys out there for some good (free!) fun.  They had duck races, pony rides, baby camel rides, armadillo races, train rides and various food and nature-inspired vendors.  It was our first 'outing' with both boys and a good reason to test out our new double stroller.  Henry slept the entire time and Charlie had a ball!

The first thing we did was go straight to the pony rides! 

Charlie's pony!  I hope he wakes up when it's his turn to ride!

Look at me Mama!

Bye bye horse!
The line for the baby camel rides were loooooooooong so we skipped that one.  Charlie did enjoy watching them though!
How cool is this?
Then we went over to the petting zoo.  Charlie LOVED this... He had no fear whatsoever. 

Then we went to check out my favorite, the armadillos!  They were supposed to be armadillo races but we didn't see those.  They let the kids put on gloves and pet them!  I think they're adorable! 

Gloves on and ready to go!

Trey caught one!

This was the ONE animal Charlie didn't want to pet.  He kept his distance!
The owners of the armadillos brought this scary bird/vulture thing.  I swear to you he was eying my Henry in the stroller right here.  Not cool.
As a treat we got the first snowcone of the season!  Of course, HUGE hit.

We are blessed to be together and have fun things to do as a family! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Sunday at Home

I'm a little behind on my blogging.. but I have 2 cute boys to hold and love on and refuse to blog when they're both awake!  Eventually I'll catch up :)

We had a lovely Easter Sunday at our house with our family, including a delicious lunch and Charlie's 1st Easter Egg hunt!  Trey's sister Heidi and boyfriend Jeff came in town, along with my grandparents.  We had a full house- it was great! 

My Granny holding and meeting Henry for the 1st time.
Charlie opening up his Easter basket.  Bambi, stickers, candy and bubbles! 
 Aunt Heidi & Uncle Jeff hid the Easter Eggs for Charlie.  It didn't take him long to figure out what to do, and he had a ball!  They hid them for him 3 times before he wore out. 

Blowing bubbles with Aunt Heidi

Henry napping on his Grammy

Uncle Adam holding Henry for the 1st time

Charlie conked out after a fun afternoon!
 We are looking forward to next Easter where we'll have 2 little boys walking around the back yard looking for eggs.  :)  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Visit from Pops & Mamy

For the 2nd time in a month, my Dad ("Pops") and stepmom Amy ("Mamy") made the 12 hour drive down from Hereford, TX to visit us.  This time they stayed for 5 days!  It's always nice having their company- Charlie loves it too!  He wore them out demanding their attention- mostly outside.  He has been asking for his "Papa" ever since he left!  Maybe the whole "Pops" thing isn't going to stick.  Papa could work! 

Charlie loves to swim in his pool in the backyard- the only thing is he thinks he has to be naked!  Trey let him swim naked a few weeks ago and ever since he thinks this is the right way.  In fact my sister Emma bought Charlie the most adorable Cars swimsuit for his birthday, but Charlie refused to get it wet! 

Aunt Emma came in too to visit and to meet Henry.

One thing we always do well when we are together is EAT.  We were addicted to Strawberry Shortcake.. Charlie loved the homemade whipped cream!

This little cutie slept through all of our eating. 

Pops and Mamy also helped Charlie dye his first Easter Eggs!  This was a HUGE hit!  Most eggs got dunked several times in multiple colors, as well as Charlie's fingers.  :)

 Once again this lil cutie slept through the whole thing!

On Good Friday Trey took them to Hermann Park for some early morning golfing. 

It's always hard to say goodbye when we live so far away.  It's sweet now that Charlie is older he knows who his grandparents are and ask for them by name.  What lucky little boys these are- they have the best grandparents on the planet! 

We can't wait to see them week we will fly to Kansas to watch my not so little brother Quentin graduate from K-State!  So proud!