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Sunday, September 30, 2012

September.. The Rest

Some random happenings to summarize our month of September...

We've been going to the library lately & Charlie has loved getting new books to read & then trading them out for new ones each week.  I took this video one afternoon we were there to show Dad & Amy how well Henry is walking since he started just after their last visit.
Henry is an excellent napper but Charlie stopped his regular naps at age 2. Yes, 2.  We've since transitioned to "Quiet Time" but lately he's staying awake through it more often that falling asleep.  I've been allowing myself to rest during this time too & Charlie is becoming more cuddly lately!

Another Henry walking video.. we think he's gonna be our athlete.  He knows what to do with a basketball, a football, a soccer ball and a golf ball.  Here he was only walking for 2 weeks and is already playing basketball!

I absolutely love how Charlie will hold Henry's hand now and lead him around the house.  Such cute brothers they are!

Another sweet brother moment... I just love how Charlie wanted his big baby brother to sit on his lap so he could read to him & how Henry is really listening.

In order to celebrate passing the dreaded gestational diabetes test, Charlie & I made a chocolate cake one afternoon! HA!  It was deeeelicious.

Henry playing T-Ball in the backyard!

We met our friend Sebastian at the zoo one morning for a fun play date.  Look at those 3 handsome boys!

My friend Laura was in town from North Carolina so we had to get our kids together! Her daughter Audrey is just precious. We met at the park to let the kids play & feed the ducks.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Charlie's 1st Soccer Game!

We signed Charlie up for soccer through the YMCA.  Figured it'd be a good way for us to meet some Katy families and for him to make some new friends!  We've started practices already and he had his 1st soccer game!

The 1st practice was so cute..seeing these 3&4 year olds sit in a circle and stretch..oh my!

We lucked out and got the sweetest Coach-he has 2 small kids himself and has coached before.. it was very obvious he knew how to keep their attention. I was amazed!  They did little drills and practiced kicking the ball down the field.

We had been prepping Charlie for his 1st game so he'd know what to expect.  He seemed so excited to go & play!
That was until we got there.  He saw all the parents & the kids on the other team and just froze!  He's rarely shy so we really didn't know what to do!  Charlie wasn't the only one though.. I think at one point every little boy on his team was on the sidelines crying from being overwhelmed.. ha!!
It took a lot of coercing.. along with some time for him to see how the game worked but after a bit his coach convinced him to come play & he even kicked the ball a few times!

Henry was happy as can be observing it all.

 The BEST part was his drink and snack afterwards! SO excited!

And to top it all off... Poppy rode on his motorcycle to come watch his 1st game!  Thanks Poppy!
 It'll be interesting to see how they improve by the end of the season!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Molly's Baby Shower!

Thank goodness for good friends.  And mamas.
My sweet mama and friends Becky & Suzie threw us a wonderful baby shower for little Miss Molly!  I am so thankful because while I still have the essential baby items I don't have anything girly or pink!

Me with my amazing, beautiful hostesses! 
I wish I was smart enough to take pictures of the amazing food and decorations they put together.. it was all done up in a purple and teal theme like her nursery!  I did get some pictures of my sweet friends who came to celebrate baby Molly with me... along with the inevitable gift opening pics.

After the shower Trey came over and brought the boys.  They had fun playing with Raylee!

Henry eating up the attention from Romona & Miss Sally!

So thankful for these special ladies and the huge load of pink laundry I'm about to do!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Molly in 3D

We decided to get a 3D ultrasound of Molly since we did it for the boys.  Totally not necessary but so fun to see her little face!

We think she looks like Henry!  I just love her nose and lips and really feel she looks like a girl!  Is that crazy?

Just for fun I made a side-by-side comparison:

Can't wait to see & kiss that little face in person!

Now that we have most of our boxes unpacked, I'm in full nesting mode getting ready for this baby girl!  I have some fun nursery projects planned... excited to get them started!  Here's a little peek at her nursery design:
A few pieces of her bedding!  LOVE all the colors!
She's lucky to have her own bathroom separate from the boys... but it has some awful 1995 wallpaper in there and I had the sudden urge to rip it all off.  It sounded like a great idea until after I already started then realized the wall would need to be textured before painted.  Uhhhhh, what?  Thanks to google I now know how to do that.
Don't know why I didn't get a pic of that awful wallpaper- think emerald green stripes!
Here's a pic of the texturing process.

Not too easy to slap it on there evenly!
And here's a 27 week belly shot while working in her bathroom.  

And just one more thing...
Something so precious that came in the mail-- an impulsive Zulily purchase that I forgot about.
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This girl will have a darling girly room and wardrobe in no time!