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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Daddy had to be on a business trip over Halloween so Grammy came over to help me waddle trick-or-treat with the boys!  
Our favorite friendly blue monster!
Grammy & Henry the monkey!
 Charlie remembers trick-or-treating from last year so was happy to show Henry what to do.
 Sweet brothers going to their 1st house!
 Charlie wasn't shy at all to go ring our new neighbor's doorbell.  Henry was overwhelmed with all of the kids and strangers so he ended up holding Grammy's hand while Charlie did his thing.
 Since we live so close to the Stassi's now we had to go trick-or-treat at their house!  By the time we got there our Henry was so tired.  We ended up just hanging out with them and passing out candy.  Fun to see how different this neighborhood is from our last!  Lots and lots of kids!

Happy Halloween!

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