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Friday, November 11, 2011


We aren't big on Halloween, but do love dressing up the boys in their costumes!  Charlie was actually excited to wear his turtle again and go Trick or Treating for CANDY! 

I was hoping to get some good photos of them in their costumes since the Zoo Boo was too exciting to stop and pose for pictures.  It lasted for about 2 minutes before Charlie was ready for candy. 


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And we were off! 

 Our little lion was happy as can be tagging along in the stroller!

After trick or treating we came back to the house to pass out candy.
Last year (can see Here) Charlie the Monkey was adorable sitting in our doorway with his basket of candy.  In fact, this year we had some people say, "Was he the monkey last year? He has gotten so big!" 

Halloween 2010- Charlie's 1st time to pass out candy.

Sweet Brothers!

We had all Treats at our house this year.  What a fun tradition/holiday this is turning out to be!

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